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                           EQDir for Skywatcher / Orion Telescope Mounts This adapter allows full control of your telescope mount throught the USB bus of a laptop/desktop PC, the adapter is conected directly to the mounts socket and let full control of the telescope with no need of any kind of hand controller. Can be used with any planetarium software ASCOM compatible like EQMod, Stellarium, Cartes Du Ciel and others. Great for pulse autoguiding. Aditionally, a standard gamepad can be plugged on your laptop or PC to manually control the mount. In order to use the adapter you need first to install the ASCOM Platform, EQMOD software and the adapter drivers: Driver Windows x64/x86 Server/2000/XP/7/8/10, Mac, Linux, Android OPERATION: After installing, a virtual COM port will be created on your device manager, you need to check the current port config is correct and config EQMod to connect throught that port: Bits per second:   9600 Data bit:               8 Parity:                 None Stop bits::            1 Flow control:       None FEATURES Cable lenght: 2,5 metters (8.2 feet). Weight 60 grams Led indicating Power, RX and TX signals Package content: EQDir adapter for a mount of your choice This table gives you a reference to mach your mount cable model: EQDir EQ6:     Skywatcher / Orion EQ6 NEQ6 mounts EQDir HEQ5:  Skywatcher / Orion HEQ5 AZ-EQ3 AZ-EQ5 AZ-EQ6 EQ6R-PRO EQ8 EQDir AZ:        Skywatcher / Orion AZ Dobsonians
EQDir Model